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John 14:12 "he who believes in me and the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do...

This Page is Dedicated to 1st Lady Dena Gray

     In front of every great man there is a great God and beside every great man there is a great woman. Words are hard to find to describe the depth of appreciation that I have for you. God took the rib from Adam's side to reveal to us where a woman belongs, and its not behind the man, it's beside him. I honor you this day because the love you have given to me has caused me to see Glory of God in you. Mighty woman of God, when God made you, he definitely created a purpose for me. I salute you wife for your love and support for me and for this ministry. I realized that God was really concerned about my needs when he gave me you. When I look at you, I know that God is still on the throne. You are God's greatest gift to me, a gift that I will forever cherish. If you know nothing in life, know that you are the reason that I know God exist. I speak greatness into your life, I speak elevation into your life, I speak increase into your life. Every where you go, every thing you touch will be blessed. You are the image of God.

  I remember countless nights when you wondered if you would ever see or hear from God. Seeing and hearing from God means looking back over our lives and trying to imagine what would life be like without Love. It was AGAPE that bought us this far. You are simply put, my queen. I carry you in may heart day in and day out, you live inside me, in my spirit. In this life that God has given to me, I have seen so many wonderful and paramount creations but you are the best by far. This not just a page on a website but the biggest chapter in my life, 1st Lady Dena Gray. No one knows how you labor, no one knows the kind things your always doing for others, no one sees the labor that you put into God's kingdom, no one but me and God and that's why we both love you unconditionally. It is God that has made me worthy to share in loving you. I salute you 1st Lady of Greater Works and 1st Lady of my life. A life with you was God's master plan.

    With Infinite Love,                                       

              Pastor Shon

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