Greater Works Ministries

John 14:12 "he who believes in me and the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do...


Bishop Shon Gray

Greater Works Ministries Bishop Gray  launched  this new church with 6 anointed core members  on November 1 2009. Bishop is a Seminary Graduate and founder of Thru Grace Counseling Center.

Unbelievable what God is doing in this ministry through the obedience of one man The lives of ex pimps, prostitutes and drug dealer, addicts all have surrendered their lives to Christ.

Dr. Solomon Akharamen

Miracle Christian Fellowship Church Dr. Solomon serves as the chief advocate for Greater Works Ministry. We the family at Greater Works salute Dr. Solomon for his life time achievements in the ministry. Dr.Solomon is a spiritual father to Bishop Gray and has discipled him for many years teaching him the things of God until the day came when Greater Works Ministries was launched in South West Houston Texas. 

Arch Bishop Peter Okoduwa

Arch Bishop Peter Okoduwa of Lagos Nigeria and Bishop of the Gospel Dispensation Mission in Africa serves as an advocate for Greater Works Ministries. he has been traveling America for 33 years preaching the Gospel of Christ. Arch Bishop is also known as the Gamaliel, he is the founder of one of Africa's finest seminary colleges. Arch Bishop Okoduwa travels to America to visit Greater Works

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