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John 14:12 "he who believes in me and the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do...

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Operation: Wings of Mercy

                 An Angel  is defined  as a winged creature from heaven created by God to sing praises to him, carry out His message, protect his will and watch over Gods people. Well this is the definition that describes more than creatures in heaven but a special group of people in a lil ol' church in South West Houston. God gave this Pastor a vision of Operation Wings Of Mercy a foundation that would serve as an oasis for God's people. God through this vision will grant his people relief in our troubled times. A 3.5 million dollar facility that will be a light house to citizens of God.

 We here on earth have to be the angelic presence for people to see. God has given us "ability", is the equivalent to an angel's wings. Our wings are the God given ability to make a difference no matter the circumstances. We possess the ability of God, who lives in each of us. That gives us the same power that God the creator of all has. You have wings, wings that enable you to conquer circumstances. Who will be an advocate for the people, who will not give into what the world says "There is No Hope". We are here to let you know that there is hope, "OPERATION WINGS OF MERCY" a foundation started by Pastor Shon Gray, founder of Greater Works Ministries here in Houston. "Every operation has a plan or a vision, and though this country of ours maybe enduring some difficult times, it is the difficult times that causes a vision to be born" says Pastor Shon. "With the ability that God has given us here at Greater Works we will do just that, greater works"

   Greater Works is dedicated to change, in order to make change we must display change. Now we are in a temporary building, by the year 2018 we are planning to own a new property, valued at 3.5 million dollars. It will provide day care for low income families it will feed the hungry and it will clothe the homeless. This is the destiny of this ministry, not just to build a church but to build the true house of God. We will develop youth training camps with a barn for horseback riding and a small petting zoo of livestock. We plan to have a theater for the youth, this will develop christian qualities. We have professionals of medicine in the ministry  that have agreed to volunteer their services to start a small clinics. We will have Narcotics Anonymous programs as well as Alcoholics Anonymous programs, Christ oriented programs for every addiction. 24 hr counseling will be available,It will assist with teen pregnancy and other issues, rape and molestation. Every problem that could ever encounter man, there is a biblical solution. Pastor Shon and a small group of professors at College Of Biblical Studies has begun to put this in vision in action.   This vision is what God desires to do, to meet the needs of his people. So why not support what God is doing. 2018 is not far away and us getting our goal accomplished will depend on those of you who would really go above and beyond the call of duty to make this possible.


We believe that in order to change our society for the better, It will take the help and dedication of good citizens like you. Our society as we know it has never before need to hear the Gospel of Christ, the truth is what has been lacking.We are a non-profit organization and we are not government funded, we strictly operate and employ off the contributions that we receive from our partners. We would be honored to have you to become a partner of this ministry by making a monthly contribution to this ministry of 100.00. These funds will be used to equip the evangelist to go out and proclaim the Gospel and feed the less fortunate. It will provide blankets and soup for the homeless. When planting in good soil we believe that God will yield your return with good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. There are families whose lives are ready to be impacted as you are reading this page, so please consider making a donation or contribution NOW!  It will make a world of difference. The Gospel must be spread and the way is through concerned citizens like YOU.  You can become a partner or just contribute one time. A donation of any size would be a blessing to God's Kingdom.

We accept donations or love gifts of any size, we are in constant need of non perishable food and blankets, musical equipment and computers. There are many things that one can do for God weather you are a partner or not. We know that there are people in foreign countries without the essentials needed for a healthy life, but right here in your own country people are going with out the necessities of life. All the money in the world will not solve this problem but it will demonstrate an act of love that ministers to the heart of man thus provoking him to repent. Repentance is bringing a country that was once known as a giant to it's knees (America). God looks at the heart of man and judges him accordingly. Though we are in the midst of a storm our actions will prove who our God is. Through giving we are being united as one nation under God. Giving doesn't only change you it changes the whole world. So let me encourage you today to make a difference in somebody's life, some where today.

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