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John 14:12 "he who believes in me and the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do...

Edmund Garcia                                                   Associate Pastor

  "My passion is the rescue a dying generation" says pastor Edmund Garcia who has been a member of Greater Works since the preambles of the ministry. Pastor Garcia has been given the God given ability to expound the word of God henceforth enriching the lives of Gods people. Pre- ministry, pastor Garcia provided for a family of four in the banking industry. His focus is to meet the needs of Gods people particularly in the minority community. He is committed to tearing down the walls of indifference and bring the dispersed together as one in the Body of Christ. Pastor Garcia is Moved to Houston Via Katrina, from New Orleans Louisiana, and his family are natives of Laceiba Honduras. Pastor Garcia will begin serving as Senior Pastor of Greater Works in 2015. We keep his him in prayer during this transition. 

 Shon Gray                                          ADVOCATE/ Founder

From the desk of Bishop Shon 



Chosen Generation, I believe that excellence in leadership defines this generation in which we have arrived. Chosen is term that suggests ownership, with that being said, those who are of a Chosen Generation belongs to God. I believe that servant hood, leadership, and moral excellence are characteristics of a great leader. There is an unmistakable difference between Worldly Leaders and Christian Leaders, worldly leaders think that elevation, power, and leadership means being served. This contradicts the teachings of Christ which state the exact opposite. Servant hood is the undeniable gene that dominates the life of a true Christian leader. Every level of leadership has a temptation that can be refuted by simply knowing Whose you are? We have the tendency to become worldly in our leadership because we use the world as our model rather than the model of Christ. Knowledge of whom you belong to, will dictate your longevity as a great leader. This knowledge will prevail against the lust of serving self rather than others. We are under the influence of a hedonistic society when it this society that we should be influencing. Before you can lead others you must first lead self, then family, then small groups, then and only then will you be ready of the organizational level of leadership.


 -Bishop Shon Gray

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